Why RackDC?

Take Your Time to Know Us!

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With 10 years of experience in the field of IT, we know what people expect for certain services. To respond these expectations you have to know the details, which makes you different. With RackDC, your systems will have numerous differences from others. We understand the need of comparison, and we're OK with that. Just take your time and read our capabilities. We're sure that you'll be happy with our services.

So what are we really capable of?

To ensure you're in good hands, we've ehanced a lot of aspects of our team in many fields during the years, below is a plot for you.

Cutting edge technology

Reliable bandwidth, high speed SAS disks, latest OS and more...

Don't get confused

We point people in the right OS, hardware and software setup...

Time is valuable

Get your server up in minutes, reassign with few clicks, or even rebuild it easily...

Spam-free Network

Based on our usage policy, we don't allow spammers here to make all IP addresses RBL free.

Fine tuning system

Ask us how to fine tune your system. Some tips we write are here plugged.in

Your business is yours

Unlike other datacenters, we don't compete with our customers, we just provide service...

Key Differences

  • Full Virtualization with KVM
  • IPv6 Ready!
  • Easy to use interface
  • One click resource allocation
  • VPS control anywhere : Even your browser
  • We DO actually answer our phones!
  • 1800 Server Capacity Datacenter
  • Higly Technical Personnel

The Facts

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Since 2004, our infrastructure served more than 50 thousand web sites with 800 hundred servers.
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Owned Data Center: We don't use someone else's facility, we are not resellers...
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Knowledge is the king, what you pay to us is our knowledge and we know how to solve the problems ...
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Try our supporting sites: ... - Plugged.in, plugged.in - IP6tools, ip6tools.com


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Every month, we are proud to add new servers to our RackDC Cluster. Here is what you get, when you purchase a cloud server from RackDC;

  • 3x10 Gig L3 Switch; Management, Backup, Appliance
  • 8 Gig F/C storage Network
  • Enterprise class storage: Dell MD3600F 24 TB Storage
  • Sunrise HyperVisor - Dell R720XD - 2xE5620 wi 192 GB RAM
  • prosun HyperVisor - Dell R710 - 2xE2620 wi 192 GB RAM
  • idea Hypervisor - Dell R720XD - 2xE2650 wi 192 GB RAM
  • CDN Server - 2x5645 wi 36 GB RAM 4 TB Storage
  • Backup Server 12 TB
  • 1 Gbit fiber uplink